Don’t you know that you have done Network Marketing all your life? The only difference is that you’ve never gotten paid for it.

I remember being a child and getting my first Nintendo 64. I was so excited about it that I told all my friends how much fun it was, and ended up inviting all of the neighborhood kids to come over and check it out themselves. It wasn’t long before they ran back to their parents and begged them to get one too. Shortly after, everyone in the neighborhood had a Nintendo 64.

Now, why am I telling you this story? Because it is a good example of how we network market to each other in our daily lives. We like a product we use, a movie we saw, a restaurant where we ate, or a service center where we had our car repaired. Then, we market these things by telling our friends (our network) about them. We do this because we found something we find value in, and we want others to see the value too.

When we can’t wait to tell someone in person we either text them from our phone, send them a message on social media, or post a picture on social media. We may even give our friends some of the product we like to try, invite them to dine with us at the restaurant, go with us to see the movie we already saw, or introduce them to the manager of service center where we had our car repaired. After all, we really cared about these things and want to share them with our friends. We market them by word of mouth which is the most powerful form of advertising there is.

In short, that is the essence of Network Marketing. You find a company with products you really like and you tell others about it. You’ve done that all your life, but you’ve never been paid for doing it. So why is it that once we start to receive money that people start to become afraid of it? Maybe it’s just me, but I ran towards the idea of making some money rather than running away. I was already sharing the products I loved anyways, so why not try to help myself financially while doing so?

We live in a society that has been trained for a job where we work for nine hours a day while anxiously awaiting the weekend. Taught by the byproducts of the industrial age, it makes sense that from early education we are programed to start and end our day with a specific time, and to fit in and conform to the rules and environment around us.


People fear what they don’t understand. To leave the herd and start a new business is scary to most people, especially when it involves getting outside of your comfort zone. You’re afraid of what people will think and that fear stops you from trying something new. So instead, most people end up staying in their comfort zones, missing out on opportunities and taking jobs they don’t like because of others’ opinions.

And, unfortunately, Network Marketing hasn’t always done itself any favors. There have been a lot of bumps in the road the last 50 years and a lot of companies (and representatives) who’ve gone about things the wrong way, giving the industry a bit of checkered reputation. Sure, there are still some people out there continuing bad practices, but don’t let a few bad eggs make a reputation for everyone else. Network Marketing has come a long way, and has made massive strides in establishing legitimacy and value, but it takes a while to change people’s perceptions.

We need to accept that the future is Network Marketing. It is the fastest growing business model in the world today. If you don’t believe that, I challenge you to do a little research on it. You will find that it is a fascinating market with many opportunities, if done right. Remember when your parents didn’t understand Facebook? Now they’re all on it. Take advantage of the opportunity and learn what you can about the industry before everyone else does.


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