If you have ever even attempted to get another person to purchase, try or even look at what you’re offering, then you are a salesperson.

Whether you accept it or not, we all have something to sell — our time, energy, ideas, products, visions, dreams, or even services. Think about your job. Certainly, you had to sell them your worth and prove you were the best for the position, or they wouldn’t have hired you!

There’s this negative view of sales I see all the time. It’s the one where everyone thinks sellers are just trying to get money in their pocket and will tell you lies just to get you to buy what they’re selling. I admit, I sometimes have these thoughts too.

And that’s one reason why I would tell myself, “I am not a Salesperson”. I couldn’t put myself in the same category as liars and scammers.. right?

Lets look at a common example: Direct sales. We all probably have a handful of people on our Facebook newsfeeds that are trying to sell you a product. My guess is that you’re probably not saying, “that person is so cool, I want to be just like them”. If their sales tactics are good, maybe you are — but most of us aren’t.

“They’re just trying to make money off their friends”, one might say. But let me ask you a question: If you were to open a restaurant, gift shop, or any other traditional business, would you want your friends to know what you were doing? Would you want them to be customers at your business? Of course you would! You invite them to the opening, and do all you can to impress them so that they go and tell their friends.

And have you ever been one of those friends that spread the word and told people to check out your friends business? That’s called word of mouth advertising. Boom. You’re a salesperson.

It’s time we realize that its okay to sell. Selling is an important part of the web of life. Selling does not make you a bad person, and it is not about being pushy and hammering people to buy your product or service. Sales is about delivering something of value to somebody else. Maybe they will like what you’re selling, or maybe they won’t. You’re not holding a gun to someones wallet, and they’re not holding one to yours.

The bigger the deal you make of it, the more you interfere with your own success. If your attention is focused on being a non-salesperson, you will become ineffective at selling — even though you are selling.





One thought on “Eliminate The Words “I Am Not A Salesperson” From Your Vocabulary

  1. Absolutely!!! Great way to put it! It’s funny you don’t realize that you’re doing it until someone points it out. I bet we do it a few times a day even. Like asking your friends to go out to eat and picking a restaurant or going on vacation where convincing someone to do something with you
    I remember when I got my RAV4 I told everybody about how great of a car it was I couldn’t stop telling people how great of a car was I did it today even!! I guess we all got the talent great job!!

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