(1) Fill the ice tray when you take the last cube: Life is all about preparing. If you don’t replenish what you last emptied, you’re not going to have what you need the next time you need it. Just like money, ice takes a little while to form. If you pull out some money from your savings account, don’t forget to put some back. Start early so the money and ice are there when you need a cocktail after a long day at work.

(2) Put your dirty dishes in the dish washer: When you make a mess, clean it up right away — don’t let that crap linger. If you do, it will begin to smell, the food left on the plate will harden and it will be more difficult to clean. This goes for all areas of life. If you make a mess out of a mistake, clean it up right away. Say you’re sorry, and make it better. The quicker the better.

(3) Fold your clothes right when they come out of the dryer: Why put off tomorrow what you can do today? When you leave your clothes all crumbled up in the dryer, they tend to stay that way. Next thing you know you gotta pull out the steamer/iron and get all the wrinkles out. Well guess what? Those wrinkles could have all been avoided if you would have just did what you needed to do right away. Procrastination usually leads to more work in the end. Now you have to wait for the iron to warm up while you’re left twiddling your thumbs when you could have been dressed and out of the house.

(4) Never show up to a party empty handed: (Or at least offer to bring something). The person hosting the party has put plenty of blood, sweat and (sometimes) tears in making sure they have the perfect party for their guest. They might have gone out and spent some extra dollars making sure you always have a drink in your hand and some food in your belly. Don’t be known as the cheap friend. What goes around comes around. They will appreciate your help and be there for when you need it.

(5) If the trash is piling over the can, take it out and start a new bag: Sometimes, life can be a bit of a mess. If you don’t face it head on and take out your crap it will keep piling up. Address the issues before they spill over. Next thing you know you’ve got old banana peels falling on your floor and the ants just found Heaven. Those unwelcome guest could have been avoided if you would have just scooped up your mess when you realized it was getting too full. Know the limits of yourself, and your garbage bag.

(6) Always shut your car windows: It doesn’t matter how beautiful the weather is when you leave your car, you never know how Mother Nature is going to act once you leave. Even when your life is looking like a bright sun-shiny day, a storm can come out of no where. Get into the habit of being ready for unexpected occurrences, and try to be as proactive as possible. You never know when it might save you from getting your stuff ruined by a storm.

(7) Water your plants: If you don’t they’ll die. Plain and simple. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side — It’s green where you water it. Life is all about perception. Water it. Fertilize it. Do whatever it is they do to make a nice yard. Instead of looking at what other people have, take care of what you have, and watch it flourish.


Any that I missed? Leave a comment below!


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