Dear Jimmy,

Our home was just a typical pet free home before you came along. Just two young, single girls trying to navigate the responsibilities of adulthood. We could barley remember to take out the trash every Monday night, so the thought of us being responsible for your every move made me a little nervous.

Nevertheless, all fears disappeared when I first laid my eyes on you. Like a child full of innocence and curiosity, you looked at me  and my heart was instantly filled with love. I’ll never forget how big of a smile I had on my face when I walked in the door and saw you. Although I couldn’t see my face myself, I felt how big it was because my cheeks went so high they began to cover my eyes.

You’re first couple of days must have been a lot for you. You were quiet, calm, and just wanted to rest. You gave me hope that this would be the easiest dog sitting ever. I thought to myself, “We got this. We can totally handle this”.


But then you began to feel comfortable.

Your cries at 2am both broke my heart, and made me cringe. I wanted to hold you and let you know I was here to comfort you, but also wanted to throw a pillow over my head and pretend I couldn’t hear you. Your 7am cries weren’t as unwelcoming since I had to get up that time for work, but getting ready in the morning with you was quite an obstacle.

I think my future children will thank you for teaching me how to entertain you with one hand while the other hand is washing my hair that’s flipped forward into the tub. I made you and your needs a priority no matter what I needed to get done.

You’ve taught me patience. So. Much. Patience. All those time you wanted to play when I just wanted to sit after a days work, and all those times I took you outside to teach you where to pee only for you to come right back in and pee in the house. For a few seconds, I wanted to pull my hair out. But then you shot your darling blue puppy eyes and reminded me that you do not yet understand, and my job is to continue to teach you.

And when you finally began to get the hang of everything (sitting for treats, going potty outside, going to the door to tell us you need to go outside) I felt proud. All my hard work of training you felt like it was finally paying off. You we’re becoming so smart and I enjoyed watching you grow both physically and mentally.

Our time is coming to an end, my sweet pup. In such a short time, you’ve wiggled that brindle butt right into our hearts, and we will miss you dearly. You’ve taught us patience, love, communication and responsibility… and for that, we thank you. Although we are not in a position to be able to keep you and give you the life you deserve, we are confident your next family will give you all the love and attention you need and more.


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