As the nights began to fall around me, ridiculously early, I would often come home from work and wonder what I could do to avoid feeling idle.

I had temporarily exhausted my interest for reading and going out for drinks was becoming a nuisance in this cold weather. I would aimlessly scroll through Facebook and Instagram in hopes that something interesting would catch my attention, yet time would pass and the apathy remained. Not to mention that would occasionally make me feel worse, seeing my friends do fun activities while I was planted on my couch.

My quarter life crisis was sinking in and my INTP mind was about to lose it. I thought about all the opportunities I was missing out on. I contemplated starting a new hobby, but I couldn’t think of one practical enough to stick with. The piano I once tried to play hasn’t seen me in months years, and sports only last through their seasons. The gym has always been a good physical escape, but I was seeking more of a mental stimulant.

A friend of mine had mentioned the idea of starting a blog and wanted my help writing a couple posts. At first I shrugged it off thinking, yeah, sure, I could use the writing practice. But eventually I began to get more excited about the idea which lead me to create my own. The thought of building something from scratch and having a new project excited me.

I began to think of all the possibilities the site could be about. Makeup? Yeah, right. Fashion? Here’s me wearing boots, jeans and a sweater. Traveling? I go to the same place every winter. Fitness? Watch me do 30 minutes of cardio, lift a couple things and then go home to eat pizza.

I couldn’t think of anything I was particularly good at, and that frustrated me. I browsed through Pinterest hoping to get some inspiration when I came across this quote: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein. After reading that,  it all began to click. My questions we’re becoming my answers.

Here I was, a 24 year old graduate, struggling to feel like I’m doing well with my transition into adulthood. Sure, I had a decent job, had some money saved and had finally moved out of my parents place. That alone should make me feel I’m off to a good start, but like most Millennials, I was seeking something more.

I saw friends around me traveling all over the world, excelling in their careers, getting engaged and starting families. I was happy for my friends, I really was. But I began comparing myself to them and felt like I was falling behind. What did I have to offer? What was something I could do to make people proud? Curiosity isn’t exactly an enticing trait about someone.

After my imagination ran wild, my logical side began to kick in. I starting to realize there was no way that I was alone. I thought about how many people, like me, felt they weren’t on the right track, were falling behind or just felt lost not knowing what their goals or passions were.

So I began to write.

I started to write about all the things I found interesting, and topics that I felt others would benefit from. I’ve always been fascinated with money and finances, and it amazed me how many of my friends didn’t know the basic concepts of either. I also enjoy learning about different careers, places to travel, and just life in general. So I guide to help get through your quarter life crisis felt like a good direction.

Now I’m no expert when it comes to writing, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Apparently my start hasn’t been too terrible, since my father jokes that I’m not writing these on my own. But to his defense, I’ve never shown any interest in writing so I can understand where the surprise came from.

Regardless, I found something that keeps me busy and that was my goal. It’s exciting to have a new project and something I can continuously work on, even if it doesn’t go anywhere. I’m not looking to get your writing approval, I’m just looking to do something with my free time and be a resource for those going through a quarter life crisis too.


“She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn’t boring.” ― Zelda Fitzgerald, The Collected Writings


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