Two of my favorite things…Making money and playing with animals. So when I found out there was a local opportunity to do both at the same time, I knew I had to try it.

Rover is an easy to use website that helps pair animal owners and locally reviewed pet sitters. Both owners and sitters can sign up for free.

So if you’re the parent of furry friend, you can scan through sitters in your area to let your dog out during the day, or watch them all night. It’s a great alternative to having your pet stay at a kennel. Here’s $20 toward the perfect pet sitter or dog walker on Rover—check ’em out!

After signing up, I started to get requests rather quickly. One couple in particular caught my attention with two adorable Boarder Collies. We exchanged a few messages until I felt comfortable stopping by their place to meet them and the dogs. I instantly felt comfortable talking to the young couple while they took me on a quick tour of their home, since I had booked an over night stay.  FYI: Rover has a screening process for all members and provides insurance, so you can rest easy knowing you’re not in harm’s way.

Some might think it’s odd or uncomfortable sleeping at a strangers house, but I really didn’t mind. I brought over some books, watched TV and cuddled with the pups all night. In the morning I made sure to clean the place up a bit before taking off and got paid two days later. Super easy.

This couple, their dogs and I, liked each other so much they continued to reach out to me every time they went out of town. A few times I even went over there on my lunch break because they were going to be gone all day and needed someone to let the pups out.

So if you’re like me, love animals and are able to take good care of them, what better way could there be to make some money at the same time?

How You Can Become A Pet Sitter For Rover?

It’s pretty simple and straight forward. Log on to their website and fill out an application. You have to agree to a background check which takes about 24 to 48 hours to be processed.

You will create your profile page which includes a short bio about yourself, the rates you are going to charge, and what animals you are willing to pet sit. You can exclude certain breeds of dogs if you wish.

Once you are approved as a ‘Sitter For Rover’, they supply you with some marketing materials and ideas to promote your business, including training videos. You also will get access to a Rover Blog & Member Forum where you can communicate with other sitters.


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