Sometimes when we set an awesome goal that we feel really good about, we doubt that it can happen. Sometimes that doubt is brought about because of finances, thinking we need certain people or just that we can’t do it. These doubts takes us away from the primary focus and desire, which was our initial goal. It side tracks us for a period of time when we should be thinking directly on ways to get to the goal against all odds.

The transition from student life to adult life can be overwhelming and it’s easy to get caught up in the comparison of others. You see your friends on social media getting these great jobs, making lots of money, getting married/engaged and you might begin to think that you’re falling behind if you’re not experiencing the same.

This is your friendly reminder that all of this is just a perspective. A perspective that you have total control of changing. Be happy for your friends and be happy knowing great things will come your way too. Keep working towards your goals, don’t lose focus or time worrying about theirs.


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