Start Networking

It’s never too early to start networking in your new job or career field. Opportunity lies in every greeting. You don’t need to be at some big conference pulling business cards and adding people on social media to network. Networking can be as easy as having lunch with a coworker in another department. Developing an understanding for what others do in your company will not only make you appreciate the business, but it could help guide you on where you see your next move within the company. Who knows, maybe that coworker will be the one to get you there. Networking is important and is the reason I was able to get my foot in the door in my current field.

Clean Up Your Online Presence

We live in a digital world, meaning much of what prospective employers want to know about you is available right there online. Lot of Recruiters are Millennials, so they have a lot of experience looking up people up on social media. While they may not be able to find out your typing speed from your Facebook page, they will be able to figure out whether you go out drinking every night, whether you know how to spell, and whether you’ve skipped work to go shopping, and then posted about it online. Go through your social media pages and clean out anything a prospective employer wouldn’t be happy to see, then head over to LinkedIn and start creating your online presence there.

Master Organization

Being organized will only be an asset as you move forward in your career. And while most of us probably tout organization when we’re asked our greatest strengths in an interview, your employer will learn pretty quickly whether or not it’s true. From the cleanliness of your desk to your ability to manage your calendar, it’s always best to start mastering organization early.

Dress To Impress

This is easy for the ones who love dressing up, but maybe you’re someone who would rather be in sweatpants. I work at a company where there is no dress code. You can  dress as up or down as you feel. This can be difficult for me because although it is totally acceptable to wear sweats at my work, I still recognize the importance of just looking nice. Regardless, you should find a way to dress professionally. When it comes to the professional world, it’s better to be overdressed. It’s better to show up for an interview in a suit and realize everyone at the company is wearing jeans than to show up in jeans and realize everyone is wearing a suit.

Become a Good Writer

Regardless of what career you work in, writing is a skill everyone should have. I know I’m not perfect in this area, but there are no excuses when you have plenty of resources for proof reading and making corrections. I can’t tell you how many resumes, emails, or letters I have read and cringed because of the spelling and grammar mistakes littered throughout. One of the best ways to become a better writer is to write often, so try to take on writing projects at work, or write in your free time. Another tip is to practice in your text messages or social media posts. Seems silly, but I promise it will get you in the habit of developing good grammar.

Exceed Expectations

This one is my favorite. There’s nothing more satisfying, to me, than exceeding someones expectation. I would recommend anyone in the early stages of their career to take on more than they’re expected to do, and work harder than you think you should have to. Yes, it’s important to value your time and your worth. But the positive impression you’ll leave on your boss and colleagues in those early years will benefit you through your entire career.


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